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Back Pain Program

Whether it’s chronic back pain or a little tweak here and there, worrying about blowing your back out is a real concern for many people.

You’re scared to lift things around the house, scared to bend over the wrong way and especially scared to lift heavy in the gym, afraid to blow out your back. We can’t be having that… let’s fix it.

Many of us start to experience back pain when we stop being as active as you used to be when you were younger.

And chronic back pain and tightness can be scary.

Nobody wants to mess around with their spine and take a chance at making things worse, and end up in the chiropractors office.

The Back Pain program is one that I am super proud of. After working with over 100+ clients who have struggled with chronic back pain and tightness, I’ve taken the top exercises and put them into this program for you.

The exercises are strategically paired together in super-sets (which means you perform one of them, and then immediately the next one) so that you train your body to move better and stabilize your back.

What if you feel like you’re doing the exercises right?

I hear this a lot. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not doing the exercises right.

So I’ve made sure that this program comes with video demonstrations so that you know you’re doing them right, and getting the most out of it.

You’ll also get the cues that I use with my clients to help them feel exactly what they should be feeling in each exercise.

Jon Jorundson Deadlift Photo

Here's what everyone's saying about it:

The smallest activity would pull my back, and I would instantly head back to the heating pad, physio, or chiro. Now I have never felt more energetic and strong, and I have so much more movement in my spine. Things are great thanks to your training! Thanks Jon
- Kelly J.

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